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A Collection of Resources from a Philadelphia Teach for America Alt-Ed High School Spanish Teacher


Teaching is an art. And a science. Actually, you basically have to master every skill imaginable to be a good teacher.

Technology Resources

I recently bought a projector for my room, and it has transformed my teaching. Check out these review activity games that I found!

First up is Super Teacher Tools. Their online (and downloadable) Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire games are class favorites!

Second (but more recently the favored site) is the University of North Carolina Wilmington School of Education’s website on teaching tools. There you can find several macro-enabled powerpoint templates to easily customize to whatever content area or situation you may need!  Be sure to check out their youtube channel if you would like to see them in action.

Misc sites is more of a collection of gimmicks than actually useful, but if you have access to a lot of computers, it might be useful. The top two are fakebook and an arcade game generator which makes vocab into video games.

Customizable Puzzles and Time-Fillers

Sometimes you need to wind down with just a simple crossword puzzle.  Make this and other tools, specific to your unit at Puzzlemaker!

The Secret… is Management

The thing that surprised me most about being a teacher is how much of it is… not really about the content. It is about the class dynamics.

Here is a great article that captures how management needs to be approached