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Welcome to the section of my website dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
My name is Kendel Christensen.  I may know you or I may not, but there are a few things I already know about you: you have infinite potential and are of infinite worth.  There is Someone who wants your complete happiness and loves you beyond anything you can imagine.  I know that He exists, and that He lives.  It has taken me half my lifetime to come to know this for certain, but I declare emphatically that I do know for myself of its truth.  God lives and has established a Church for the express purpose of helping you and each of His children find peace in this life and salvation in the life to come.  This is a lifetime process.  I have only scratched the surface, but because of the intense joy and peace that the Gospel has brought me, I desire to share with you the things I have found and learned.  The accompaning sites are a collection of the most precious gems of truth that form the foundation for my life.  I hope you can glean something from them.  This site is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, those interested in it, and for any person who is seeking to feel a little stronger the power of God’s love in their life.

Feel free to go to to find out more about my basic beliefs and for resources geared toward people familiar with the Church.

 A direct link to the scriptures can be found here.