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Lifelong Learning

I love learning. (See this blog post). I think it is a part of who we are as humans.  If we are not actively trying to improve and learn, life is just stagnant!  Here is a collection of some things I’d like more people to know about in our quest for life-long learning.

Enriching Knowledge for Knowledge’s Sake
Here are some things that I think should be pursued throughout one’s life:
-Writing, Vocabulary, and Grammar skills.  Check out the hyperlinks for great places to start!

Evernote Never Forgets


Evernote can be a useful tool for taking notes.  It’s like one note, but free and sync-able and accessible on just about any device you’d need it to.  Check out the videos on its main page!

Anki: The More Efficient Way to Memorize Things


Anki is one of my best discoveries in the academic world (Thanks Erick!).  It is a flashcard program like no other.  It is designed to put things into your long-term memory, and you can use more than just words! You can add sounds, videos, anything!

Other Educational Websites

Common Misconceptions, A Wikipedia article outlining all the most common beliefs that, are, in fact, COMPLETELY WRONG!
No Fear, Shakespeare is a section of Sparknotes that translates Shakespeare into PLAIN English!