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    I use the internet every day.  I’m what’s called a
“Power User”.  I rarely have less than 30 websites and programs
open at the same time.  I like to multi-task and to accomplish things as
fast and as efficiently as possible.  I HATE waiting unpurposefully, and
when things don’t work how I think they should.  In pursuit of these
ideals, I have found several exquisitely exquisite ways to enhance your surfing

        Rule #1 is use Firefox.

·        Firefox
features: click 
here for
a quick tour of its features–trust me, if you plan on browsing the web for any
portion of your life, it is worth your time!.  It’s faster, safer,
and has built-in spell checking and session restore.  And thirdly, my
personal favorite, it is more customizable.  Below is a list of extensions
to Firefox that makes browsing blissful:  

·       Firefox

McAfee SiteAdvisor is
an essential program: It helps protect you from bogus and otherwise harmful
websites that would like nothing less than to steal your money or identity,
fill up your computer with viruses or spyware, or even just spam you.  If
a site has any one of these problems, chances are SiteAdvisor will know, and
will warn you about it.  It installs a small green status bar at the
bottom-right of your browser that changes color depending on the site’s threat
level.  It even integrates with Google searches — just look for the green

. Searching is the wave of the future.  I do it constantly
I am of the opinion that almost anything, if it is truly worth people knowing,
is already on the internet in some form (and often for free!) if one can only
find it.   Luckily, Firefox has the Google Searchbar built into it,
but why stop there?  The 
 gives you one-click access to Gmail, GoogleMaps, Image
Search, youtube, and other types of search.  It even fills out forms FOR
you and saves recent search terms in the toolbar.  One need only click on
the words to find them in the current page (Ctrl-F also works swell). 

Another spiffy add-on is StumbleUpon
It integrates into googles searches and gives you a star rating for each site
that other users have liked.

Next up is Tab
Mix Plus
.  This magnificent micromanager unlocks untapped utility
in your tabs and makes your browser bow to your every whim.   It
contains dozens of options that allows a whole new level of control.  Some
of my favorites include opening a new tab as another instance of my current
tab, a memory that keeps of track of the order I bounce among my tabs (so that
if I close a tab, I go to my most-recently-visited tab rather than just the tab
that happens to be next to it), and, when, I have more 12 sites open at once
(which is most of the time), it stacks them on top of one another (instead of
the annoying slider bar that covers up my most used sites!).  Want to open
a link and not navigate away from your current site?  Hold Ctrl when you
click on it.  Absence of this add-on adds to the entropy of the world.

Download Statusbar. Hate
that box that pops up each time you try to download something, taking up
valuable space in your taskbar?  Yeah, everyone does.  Or should,
because there is an angelic alternative in the form of the 
Download Statusbar
It shows all of your downloads, each with their own progress bar, in a nice
little row at the bottom of your browser.  Open them as you need them, or
clear them when they’re done.

Other Useful Add-ons:

 Xmarks, a
utility that saves your bookmarks for use on any computer

DownloadThemAll!, an
app that speeds up and even lets you pause and resume those huge downloads.  

VideoDownloader lets
you some download internet videos onto your hard drive. 

ColorfulTabs just
adds a splash of color to your world. 

Gmail 2
 is an absolute must have if you use gmail (which lets you send
text messages to cell phones for FREE
        Remember, with as will all programs
in our digital world, play around with all
the options
 within them to get them just right for you!


Blogging Tips
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