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Today I met with David Alcorn for almost an hour.  Amazing man: Professional, talented, nice–one of those guys that when you read about him beforehand you kinda get nervous and intimidated but then we you actually meet with him and start talking, you totally feel at ease.  The topic was . . . a first, for me at least.  You see, two Sundays ago, our stake had a fireside featuring John Bytheway.  The talk was awesome–we all loved it: he was entertaining, enthusiastic, and (at least I) felt that I really walked away with some golden nuggets of insight and spiritual wisdom.  Afterward, I went up to him and asked him how he got his start in doing what he does.  He told me, but it was kinda general and quick–there were other people waiting.  But I really felt from what he said that I could do the same thing… and, funny enough, not one, not two–but 5 people mentioned to me afterwards that I reminded them of John Bytheway (I had given a talk in my ward earlier that day).  Is this how inspiration works?  I’ve had one and a half big questions on my mind… the full one being my career… and to hear Bro. Alcorn give his take… well, it just seemed as if it all was so… possible–if I so choose.  But who does THAT?  I mean, am I really going to tell people when they ask me what I’m considering for after my graduation… that I’m going to be a motivational speaker?  Pretention to say the least!  Plus, what if my wife doesn’t like all the traveling around or the other things that come with that life?  But I suppose it is an option… I dunno, I honestly think that I’m just getting excited… and kinda thinking too highly of myself.

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  1. Have you read the Alchemist Kendel? This may be your Personal Legend. Go read it right now and you will be inspired! Authored by Paulo Coelho.

  2. Do you think John Bytheway thinks too highly of himself? 😀 I think you can do whatever you set your sights on, Kendel!

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