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The view from the center. The one I will wake up to every morning!
The Tuesday I left for Jerusalem (the 27th) and the Wednesday I arrived (28th).  Wooooooooooah, man.  This IS unreal.  I knew it would be unreal, but I was kinda also thinking that—since I was expecting that—that I wouldn’t be SO SO SO SO surprised.  I was wrong.  This place is amazing.  It is going to be the experience of a LIFETIME.  The members are awesome, the teachers are way cool, I already am getting to know the staff well, and my roommates seem to be pretty chill.  The flights over here, though, were KILLER.  I have NEVER had such bad jet lag in my LIFE.  It is manic.  Because of a delay in the Chicago to Washington DC (DULLUS) flight, we were cutting it SO close to our flight to Vienna.  We made it on 5 minutes before departure (we got off the plane 27 minutes before, but it was a huge airport AND we had to catch a shuttle and THEN we had to catch a tram!).  So so so so SO tired.  Razor broke, but I (thankfully!!) fixed it.

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  1. Whatever you do Kendel, don’t take naps in the middle of the day. Just endure! Your body will eventually kick in and your circadian rhythm will change. You’ll finally also get used to the 4 am calls to prayer. At first you may hate them…but at last you will long to hear them. You will sleep through the morning ones and you will love the one that comes each day at sunset. OH JERUSALEM!

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