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Yes, the rumors are true: I have a birthday. But, as is my eternal preference, even when I am special I prefer to be treated especially special. And my birthday is on a national holiday! Yes, the day the Constitution of the United States was completed and officially signed, was the same as my day of birth. Pretty sure I did some dealin’ in heaven to swing it. Sounds like me.

Anyway, I thought I’d give something to the world even though I am busy with my many projects. So when a co-worker sent me a small list of free things on one’s birthday, I thought I’d make the ULTIMATE list. Fortunately, someone already did that (though many are exclusively for children). So I just have to mention my favorites (but seriously, check out this list!).

  1. Denny’s gives you a free grand-slam breakfast. No signup required. Just walk in with ID.
  2. IHOP gives you a free pancake meal with sides (with email subscription). They email it to you 5 days before your birthday, and you have a window of almost two weeks to use it.
  3. Just walk in to your favorite places and tell them it is your birthday. See what happens. I went to a local wrap place today for lunch with coworkers, mentioned it was my birthday–and I got my entire order for free! 

There, now you have more reasons to look forward to your or a loved one’s special day!

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