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This election day, 2020

As a lifelong Republican (even including a time voting straight ticket), for the first time I have cast my ballot with confidence for the national Democratic party (THANK you to my many friends who told me I was not alone!). Namely for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. While I disagree with them on many issues, […]

Top Reasons to Vote Trump Out of Office

​Top Reasons Why I Do Not Support the Re-election of Donald Trump (and NO American should[1])                                                by Kendel Christensen, Lifelong Conservative.  Twitter: Highlight-enabled Link   1. A vote for Trump is a vote against The Constitution. Donald Trump has, on multiple occasions, dismissed, misappropriated, or outright attacked The Constitution of the United States—the very foundation of […]

In Praise of Donald Trump

It is one of my life beliefs that it is morally wrong to criticize something that you do not understand, or have not made an effort to get all the facts about (can you imagine a world where both sides would patiently listen until the other side was satisfied that we understood things from their […]