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I’ve had my blog site up for awhile, but I haven’t really added anything yet, just because I had not yet decided what I wanted my blog to be, but I just have to write on something I do feel very passionate about: the divine institution of the family.  The vote that is happening in California is more than just another proposition.  I believe it will be a precedent for how the entire nation will treat the institution of marriage.  I believe very strongly that the problems our nation faces today can be greatly reduced if we strengthen the teaching in and role of the family in society.  Please tell all of your Californian friends to vote yes on Proposition 8.  Visit 
for more information.

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  1. Hey Kendel, your old liberal pal here. I have some serious questions for you.1) How does preventing homosexuals from marrying one another protect the family? I work and am friends with a number of both gay and lesbian couples. They are incredible people who love each other very much. Why should they not be allowed to express that how they choose? Straight couples get divorced all the time (my parents includued.) If we want to protect marriage, we should ban it for everyone.2) Constitutionally, how can we guarantee equal protection of the law through the 14th amendment while not granting them the right to marriage and the benefits that come with it? There is no subtext that exempts gays from the rights guaranteed by the constitution.3) Correct me if I’m off base here. Church is something that is a ways removed from my brain. However, I recall that Christ said love everyone. He preached more than just tolerance, but love for your fellow man, charity, acceptance, and brotherhood. How does denying temporal rights fit into Christian values? If we focus solely on the old testament, this whole effort makes sense. Gays are evil in that case. My understanding was that Jesus came and put a new law in place, putting Moses’ law aside until humanity was ready for it. Is it our place to make a judgement on people’s life choices? I was under the impression that the responsibility to undertake that laid in the hands of god.4) Free agency? Also a major tenet of Christianity. My impression of this prop 8 effort is that making your own choices is great, so long as they’re the ones the church thinks are best. I’ve always respected your arguments Kendel so I’m hoping you can present me with something that clears this up a little for me. As of right now, this whole effort seems a little prejudicial and certainly not remotely Christian.

  2. Ah, I watched the video. To refute the entirety of it, I need only refer to 3 portions of the Constitution.A) Free exercise clause.B) Establishment clause.C) 14th Amendment (it protects everyone, not just gays.)Tolerance, anyone?

  3. Wow…that website really is scary. I was under the impression in this land of ours we should strive for a separation of church and state. What Prop 8 will do is keep the legal definition of marriage, which has no effect on the religious definition whatsoever. To say that by voting ‘yes’ on prop 8 you are protecting the DIVINE institution of marriage should be reason enough to vote against it: in that way we can keep the separation of church and state.

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