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The entire center took a field trip today to the Garden Tomb.  A small group I was with read verses from the last chapters of John, we all took a tour of the Garden, went inside the tomb, and then sang hymns and reflected on the resurrection.  I was blown away by the level of the spirit.  This was my favorite experience so far because the Resurrection is, in so many ways for me, the greatest event in all history as well as the linchpin of all Christianity.  If Christ had not overcome death, his sacrifice as well as all the promises of the prophets would have been in vain.  Less abstractly, though, the Resurrection represents trust, hope, and divine assurance to me.  As I was there I pondered on the uncertainty of some of the people who witnessed his death and burial.  They had seen their Lord die–it would be so easy, so natural, to just assume that that was the end of it.  Their great teacher had given them the words of life, but no one had overcome death… and in the intervening days, I could feel the cloud of doubt that surely hung over many of the believers.  Yet Sunday came.  He had risen.  He appeared to His disciples.  He appeared to Mary.  He appeared to over 500 people at once.  All were witnesses that the chains of death had indeed lost their sting.  All could have hope of life eternal in the Savior and Redeemer of mankind, who now truly had done all the Father had sent Him to do.  It made me think of how often I doubt–how often, because I can not see the end result of whatever trial or worry or circumstance I am in, I assume that my affliction or worry will end in the worst possible way.  When in actuality, #1 it usually doesn’t and #2 if it does, in the grand scheme of things in really doesn’t matter.  He lives.  His Atonement will right all the wrongs, fill all the gaps, soothe all the wounds, and heal all the hearts of the world.  Because of his Atonement–which upon His resurrection was completely successful–the only tragedy possible is if we do not come unto Him and use that Atonement.  All other questions and calamities are taken care of.  I… He… I love Him.  He is my personal Savior and I know that He lives, and it is finally dawning on me how much that truly means.

Read this talk.  You’ll be glad you did:
Sunday Will Come


Inside the Tomb

Our entire group, singing songs in the Garden Tomb area. ‘He is Risen,’ ‘I Know that My Redeemer Lives,’ ‘I Believe in Christ’ and others.

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  1. What a fantastic experience! It really makes me reflect on the question posed by the Savior himself: “What think ye of Christ?” First off, I certainly don’t think of Him enough. Thanks for sharing your experiences in the Holy Land with me–it helps me to focus on more important things.

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