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    In the spirit of the New Year, I have dubbed 2014 as “the year of real discovery.” Though I will continually self- and re-evaluate, I am designating this year to more firmly establish some of the questions that keep coming up again and again and, in my mind, I think “Well, I haven’t ‘figured that out’ yet.” One of these questions is, “Who is Kendel Christensen, really? What is his core?” 

     To help me with this question, I asked some of my most close friends to answer the question, “From all of our interactions, how would you finish this sentence? Kendel was born to…”

Here are the answers I received:

Kendel was born …

“…to inspire others to seek knowledge and love life.” -MD
“…to be enthusiastic about truth and inspire others to live it.” -SJC
“…to enriched others’ lives with wonderful insights.” -CB
“…to help others achieve their full potential.” -JF
“…to lead through indefatigable optimism, to be unconquerable in his positivity, and be self-motivated in a unique and intrinsic way.” -HS
“…to energize & inspire others with his positive attitude!” -SP
“…to brighten other people ‘s day with his cheer and optimism.” -RD
“…to bring joy to others.” -JK
“…to be a sincere, natural and reliable friend.” -AM

“…to enthusiastically lift those around him with his constant positive attitude.” –JB
“…to enlighten and uplift those around him with his inspiring smile, enthusiastic optimism, and his motivating love of life.” -MK
“…to make people smile! Seriously!” –KO
“…to uplift, inspire, refresh, and motivate people.” –BBE
“…to make the world a little brighter.” –XB
“…to cheer those in need.” -GM
“…to inspire and lift others.” -LW
“…to inspire and motivate others to realize their own potential, as well as strengthen people and families that he meets.” -MD
“…to inspire the world into betterment”. -RG
“…to lift those around him.” -SE
“…to motivate.” -MB, SU
“…to uncover and communicate truth.” –CG
“…to spread enthusiasm for the things he finds interesting and meaningful.” -MM
“…to change lives through unconditional love and empowerment.” -CB

“…to accomplish deliberate purposes.” -NKB
“…to nudge his desires to fit his intentions.” -DG
“…to be happy, help people see their potential, teach and share the gospel… love.” –LP
“…to be an example of true discipleship.” -JB
“…to make a cohesive and harmonious environment!” -WP
“…to aim high.” -JC
“…to lead.” -MC
“…to succeed.” -HH

     From these and other reflections and research I have done, I am writing a “Personal Constitution” that will become my core, governing values for the rest of my life. Stay tuned.

    BUT MAN, I have to say one thing. I have SUCH fine, validating, awesome friends. It brings to mind a quote that changed my life, of a man I try to pattern my life after.

Said he,
“I am treated so well, it makes me feel happy.  I wonder what any in the world would feel if all were treated as well as I am.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley, 2007 First Presidency Christmas Devotional

     No matter what 2014 brings, I have supremely supportive, loving friends. And by some accounts, that is the greatest measure of the richness in one’s life. Thanks to each one of you. You make me feel even MORE AWESOME than I already am!

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