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     Today was a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat day!  I got some GREAT news that I TOTALLY was not expecting!  But I don’t want to talk about that now.  Maybe in another post.  The “test surprise” in the title is dual meaning.  I have a T/TH class that starts at 8am, and I started the semester–the entire first month, actually, really well: I would be 5-10 minutes early every day.  But lately–like the past 2 weeks lately–I have tended to be barely on time… or… (I am ashamed to admit it) a few minutes… late (OH, THE SHAME AND PAIN!) but I went to bed last night thinking: tomorrow will be different!  Tomorrow I shall begin anew my conquest punctuality in my early class (I am usually never late except at the first class of the day)!  And I did!  I was 3 minutes early (I would have been more, but there was “working on this place” tape over my usual route–dunno why–I have seen it in a few random places, and then later in the day it is gone. Weird).  AND, there was a quiz.  We NEVER have quizzes in that class, yet we did today, and I got 100%.  Whew!  A lucky surprise!  At the end of class, though, he passed back the test I mentioned in my previous post, and . . . I got a 90 on it.  So, I was a little disappointed (I really thought I high-aced it).  But really, I think my disappointment came from the fact that two people around me got higher than me–cuz really, it is a hard class and 90 is a great score all things considered.  DANG IT.  That TOTALLY means I have pride problems!  Gah!  Ok, so I realized it and I tried to let it go, but . . . it just . . . I have to work on that some more (any tips?!).
     After my regular classes and meeting and errands with my boss, I sat down to write my brother on a mission in Fresno, CA (Spanish speaking!).  I spent hours on it.  I don’t really know why.  It was like I was having a conversation with him, and by doing so it was like he was closer to me in some way.  Closer in physical proximity and in mind… it was weird, but cool, and I couldn’t stop.  It was also really refreshing, because I told him a lot of the things on my mind and talk to him about things that, well, a lot of people don’t care to talk about, usually.  Church stuff–“churchy” stuff.  That’s missionaries whole world.  They love talking about that.  I felt like someone finally wanted to listen to me.  It was awesome.  I love brothers.  I love missions.
    I ended up staying on campus until almost 9pm.  I stayed for the honors showcase about recycling.  They had been advertising it a TON, and I know I could always improve in this important area.  It was SO sad.  Maybe 18 people were there.  Less if you don’t count the 5 people who spoke at it.  And it was so good, too!  I learned so much–easy things you can do (e.g., did you know an LED light lasts 50 times as long as an incandescent, doesn’t contain mercury like fluorescents, and saves you 87% energy over its lifetime? It’s true.)

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