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     After almost 3 years (September 2006-April 2009), I’m moving out of the BYU 56th ward.  Maxine, the complex secretary, confirmed it yesterday.  I’m sad to leave.  My time here has been the best of my life.  I’ve learned and done so much and made soooooo many friends and memories . . . I really haven’t come to grips yet that it won’t be the same as it has always been.  But I just wanted to say thank you for all the people that made this time in my life the bestest ever!
Awesome Memory
Other Awesome Memory
That One Time
When We Did That One Thing
That Slightly Embarrassing Time
Best Song EVER

      All of you are the sunshine in my soul!!

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  1. I think you meant to link to this video for best song ever: maybe this one:, I’m excited for this upcoming change for you. Partially because I think that moving lends itself to a fresh start and opportunities for progression, and partially because I think we might be in the same ward again in the fall. And I’ve missed our “Red Light, Green Light” sessions.

  2. Kendel! We’ll miss you! Thanks for all the happiness and memories you’ve added to the ward 😉 You’re awesome!

  3. Kendel–My heart is SO FULL because of your inclusion of some of those videos. I’m glad that I was able to have you in *my* life because you’ve always been such an example to me.Just remember what you said on your Quote Board about visiting, or the hug attacks might get ugly. ;)Love,Natalia

  4. Oh, shucks…Dearest Kendel, be not far from me. Yet, ye be nigh unto perdition (77th ward), incline thy presence to frequent paradise (56th ward, specifically apt. 207)!

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